Q&A: Good retirement party gift for man?

Question by Mynameis: Good retirement party gift for man?
He’s retiring from a company that he has been working at for 30 yrs. Never missed a day, never late. It’s my father in-law. Loves, loves, loves his 27 month old grandson. Loves to hunt. Money is very tight. Suggestions?
He’s 56 years old. Smart man with his money so he was able to retire early.
BINGO KC! The large party is already arranged, but your idea about the piece with him and his grandson with the phrase is beautiful and absolutey PERFECT. I’m going to order it tonight. Thanks a million.

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Answer by DJ
Get him a cane. MUCH LULZ IS TO BE HAD.

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Q&A: Retirement money during a divorce?

Question by DT: Retirement money during a divorce?
Is there a way to prevent spouse from getting retirement money during a divorce? Can it be rolled over into someone elses name or to another account to secure it?

Best answer:

Answer by janice h
If you have been married for 10 years she is entitled to half of your retirement and you are entitled to half of hers. Don’t try to be deceptive her lawyer will be on the look-out for anything you try to hide. That is just the way it is.

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Q&A: How do I begin planning for retirement?

Question by jim j: How do I begin planning for retirement?
I have absolutely no idea what I am doing with my finances. Currently, I am 20 years old and I was told that I should start planning for retirement no later than 25.

I hear so many different terms, but I cannot decide what I should do with my money. I have a job currently and I am not sure what to invest my money in. I heard that I can put my money into a 401k plan, diversify stocks, invest in an IRA or even a mutual fund. Personally, I have no idea what the difference in each plan is no matter how much I read.

Basically I would like to know one thing:

What can earn me the most money when I hit age 40, 50 or even 60?

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Answer by Jordan Kantor
screw people for money

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Q&A: what is pension plan/retirement?

Question by carol p: what is pension plan/retirement?
is there a difference between pension plan and retirement.

Best answer:

Answer by Judy
You are lucky if you are being offered both.
They are totally different.
Some companies are only offering 401K’s / retirement plans, with no pension benefits.

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Best Retirement Savings?

Question by Erika: Best Retirement Savings?
What programs are good for retirement? I don’t want to really invest my money like in stocks… like a 401k… do I have that all wrong?
Basically, I want a savings account to put my money away and add interest. Sounds right?


Best answer:

Answer by STEVEN F
First you need to understand that a 401(k) is NOT a type of investment. It is a SHELL that protects investments from taxes.

Next you need to understand that a savings account it NOT an investment. You will be lucky if the interest is enough to make up for inflation.

If you wish to build enough wealth to live of of in retirement, you MUST either invest in something that will actually GROW in value, or save close to half of your income. The second option is rarely feasible.

I recommend LEARNING as much as you can about investing. Good mutual funds and Real Estate are usually the best long term investments outside of CREATING your own business.

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retirement planning… is 1 mil reasonable?

Question by Who am I?: retirement planning… is 1 mil reasonable?
I subscribe to several financial magazines and the perennial topic is always retirement planning. Many pro’s suggest a $ 1 million savings for a couple to be fully prepared for retirement. I find this absurd. Assuming we retire at age 60-65, how could anyone possibly think that over the next 15 years (God willing) we could need $ 1 mil!! (That estimates out to around $ 100,000 per year salary!) After all, the kids are out, the mortgage is paid, and needs and wants are certainly lower than in middle age.

Now don’t get me wrong, DH and I are savers and for our age group I know we have better long term savings than the majority of our peers. Additionally, DH will have a pension. But still, I get frustrated when I read the advice. So can someone explain the thinking behind a $ 1 mil retirement plan in terms that I can more fully grasp?

Best answer:

Answer by Chris Z
OH YEAH, 1 MIL is enough for a big retirement.

when u have that much money you can only get more.


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Question by redondogirl: Can I sue my former employer for not providing me my retirement funds?
I left my former employer was to distribute my retirement funds in April 2011, however they keep saying they are waiting for the check, it has been over 120 days and I keep getting the runaround, I can sue them or take them to labor board in California.

Best answer:

Answer by FozzieBear
Call the labor board. I’m sure there’s a maximum amount of days they have to give you the funds.

For such a serious question, don’t trust the answers you get in a forum like this.


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How do I borrow from my retirement plan a work.?

Question by pieces: How do I borrow from my retirement plan a work.?
lincoln financial group,
to purchase a big ticket item

Best answer:

Answer by Raynanne
Not all companies allow you to “borrow” from your retirement plan. You need to contact your Human Resources department.

If you don’t want to do that…here is Lincoln Financial Group’s direct number… give them a call.


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math problem interest?

Question by Anna: math problem interest?
You want to have $ 1,000,000 in a retirement account on your 65th birthday. You make the same deposit in retirement account once each month. How much money must you deposit each month to have $ 1,000,000 at age 65 if you earn 5% per year, 8% per year, 10% per year?

Best answer:

Answer by I_think$
Go see Time Value of Money functions in Excel, Google, or retirement calculators online. Hint: it is impossible to do if you don’t say when you start.
My calculator took the night off.

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