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Should You Work in Retirement?
Con: If you have a traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA), you must begin taking required minimum distributions at 70-1/2 years of age. These withdrawals count as income, so this could mean more of your Social Security benefits would be taxed.
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Braley right; it's unwise to gamble your retirement
Your employer is paying 6.25 percent of your salary to Social Security on your behalf. Are you sure you will get a 6.25 percent raise, or will the employer get a windfall at your expense? • Suppose the 2008 type collapse affected not just the stock …

Poll: Majority supports tax hike to save Social Security
Social Security is being hit by a wave of millions of retiring baby boomers, leaving relatively fewer workers to pay into the system. The trustees who oversee the massive retirement and disability program say Social Security's trust funds will run out …
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New book "Blood Sport" alleges Bernie Kosar's slurred speech resulted from
"After a twelve-season pro career," say the authors in a sad summary of the Browns' legend, "Kosar has stumbled through a sometimes-incoherent retirement, marred by batty behavior, bankruptcy and drunk-driving arrests." Bosch's records indicate that …
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Premier Couillard under fire for Quebec budget's austerity measures
Difficult demographic trends loom for most of North America with the retirement of baby boomers, but a study from the Université de Sherbrooke late year said Quebec is getting old faster and deficits threaten to spiral permanently without decisive action.
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Hensarling: Dodd-Frank Results in Less Freedom, Less Opportunity and a Less
Financial Services Committee Jeb Hensarling (R-TX) today delivered a speech at a conference sponsored jointly by the Mercatus Center and the CATO Institute on the Dodd-Frank Act . The following is the text of that speech as prepared for delivery: It's …
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Biden and Warren Audition In Case Hillary Doesn't Run
Warren, they say, will look more favorably on progressive ideas like breaking up big banks, jailing Wall Street executives accused of malfeasance, and opposing increases to the retirement age and other cuts to Social Security and Medicare benefits. And …

Latest Social Retirement News

Seniors benefit by delaying retirement
According to the National Academy for Social Insurance, 11.8 percent of the county's population is aged 55-64 – the time when many start thinking about retirement. Workers can start drawing Social Security at age 62, but for those who can wait, the …
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More Best Dates to Retire: Middle of the Month
The supplement is payable to employees who retire on an immediate, unreduced FERS retirement and are under age 62. It is designed to provide a bridge between retirement and qualifying for Social Security retirement benefits. About half of all employees …

Social Security simply needs a few changes to make it stronger
Take the case of Social Security's role in retirement. What's needed to retire is often discussed as a three- (or four-) legged stool: pension/investments, savings, Social Security and home ownership. This assumes, of course, we can all earn living …
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The Surprising Truth Behind Retirement Readiness
Many Americans have two primary sources of retirement income, Social Security and retirement savings, usually in 401(k) plans and individual retirement accounts (IRAs). We focused on people in their last decade before the traditional retirement age of …
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Retirement and Social Security – 540-347-2125.
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Goals (Your Retirement in 90 Seconds®)

Phil Eckman, President, Personal Retirement Services answers the question: what is the most powerful thing people can do now to reach their retirement goals?
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Retirement Funds?

Question by jennylynnrosario: Retirement Funds?
My husband and I are looking into retirement funds. We have gotten some information on them and how much to start. We are thinking of just saving money in a cd first and when it builds up enough money go to a mutal funds. Is that a good plan? What should I look for in a Retirement Plan? What company do you feel has a better Retirement Plan?

Best answer:

Answer by JeffyB
You might want to speak to someone at Charles Schwab. I have been with them for about 15 yrs, and their customer service is exceptional. Vanguard is also very good, but Schwab has a wider variety of funds & investment options.

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Divorce: Marriage portion of retirement split using Quadros?

Question by Tappy: Divorce: Marriage portion of retirement split using Quadros?
Can anyone explain exactly what Quadros is and how it is used with regards to dividing up the marital portion of retirement funds?

TIA :)

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Answer by Nurse Ratched
QDRO’s are Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

They are drafted by the parties and sent to the retirement management firm for approval of language. Once approved and executed by the parties, they are sent to the judge of the court who has venue over the dissolution and entered.

They have the specific language for the division, disbursement, etc., of the retirement earnings.

This allows for the retirement money to be sent directly to the beneficiary spouse/ex-spouse, instead of relying on the retirement owner to pay his/herself when he/she retires.

PS- They can vary from agency to agency, state to state etc., as far as how the language goes and how they are taxed, etc. It may be necessary for the employer to be joined in the action for jurisdiction over the retirement.

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what is the age and conditions of a man retirement?

Question by DAMODARLAL; G: what is the age and conditions of a man retirement?
does it involve physicsly,mentely,sociely, financely etc,
shall a retired person should surrender himself or should fight.

Best answer:

Answer by Macey
Police shot and killed a man in his 60s at a retirement home in southern England on Friday.

Britain’s police watchdog says it is investigating the shooting in the affluent village of Fernhurst, about 65km southwest of London.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission says police officers were called to an apartment complex for retirees on Friday after reports of a man armed with a gun. The man was reportedly shot and killed a few hours later.

His identity was not released. The police watchdog said no one else was in the property at the time.

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